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Spiral galaxy M81

Spiral galaxy M81 or Bode's galaxy is in the constellation Ursa Major (UMa).


Equatorial coordinates (epoch J2000):
Ra 09h55.5m, Dec +69° 04'

Visual magnitude: 6,8m
Distance from the galaxy M81 to the Sun is 11,8*106 light years
Angular size: 27'×14'
Class: Sb
External dimensions the galaxy M81 are about 92000 light years.
Estimated weight the galaxy: 50x109 suns
The mass of the central object (black hole): 60x106 suns

Discoverer: Johann Elert Bode, 31.12.1774 year.

The designation M81 in other catalogs: NGC 3031

Optimum magnification for a telescope with observations of M81, depending on the aperture of the telescope (D), is about D/6-0.8D. Higher magnifications of course add details, but lead to a strong drop in the brightness of the image, making it difficult to observe.
The best month for observing M81 is April.

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