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Globular clusters from catalog NGC / IC

Catalog NGC (New General Catalogue) includes 7840 galaxies, nebulae and other objects.
John Ludwig Emil Dreyer NGC original catalog was compiled by John Ludwig Emil Dreyer (Johan Ludvig Emil Dreyer) in 1880, based largely on observations by William Herschel. His subsequent expansion, the index directories IC I and IC II, 5326 contain more objects. Now the index directories IC together with the main NGC catalog are usually considered a single directory, but the IC prefix in the names of objects of course saved.

Catalog NGC includes both Messier bright objects which are visible even on a bright sky, such as M31 and M13, and very dull and "small" items.
The NGC catalog includes not only vague objects like galaxies, nebulae and their parts, but the ball and open clusters of stars, as well as closely spaced stars (2x, 3x and other asterism).
In short, in this catalog amateur astronomer find items for every taste and observation capabilities.

Here we have used the refined modern version of this catalog - RNGC with Dr. Site Wolfgang Steinicke, contains 13958 entries.

On the light-polluted skies near the cities of many objects NGC and IC catalogs merge with a bright sky background. In addition, the small telescopes are simply not enough zoom and aperture for observing with the naked eye, most of the objects NGC catalog.
In such conditions it is better to use the "Messier catalog" and "Caldwell catalog", in which selected the brightest and "largest" objects in our sky.

Filters for catalog NGC / IC:
Galaxy:    spiral and elliptical
Clasters:    globular and open
Nebulae:    planetary
Supernova remnants
The stars and groups of stars
The objects NGC and IC such were not found again
Full catalog NGC / IC

List of Globular clusters from catalog NGC / IC

NGC 104NGC 121NGC 288NGC 330NGC 362NGC 1049
NGC 1261NGC 1466NGC 1786NGC 1841NGC 1851NGC 1854
NGC 1855NGC 1904NGC 1917NGC 1939NGC 1958NGC 2005
NGC 2019NGC 2298NGC 2419NGC 2808NGC 3201NGC 4147
NGC 4153NGC 4372NGC 4590NGC 4833NGC 5024NGC 5053
NGC 5139NGC 5272NGC 5286NGC 5466NGC 5634NGC 5694
NGC 5824NGC 5834NGC 5897NGC 5904NGC 5927NGC 5946
NGC 5986NGC 6093NGC 6101NGC 6121NGC 6139NGC 6144
NGC 6171NGC 6205NGC 6218NGC 6229NGC 6235NGC 6254
NGC 6256NGC 6266NGC 6273NGC 6284NGC 6287NGC 6293
NGC 6304NGC 6316NGC 6325NGC 6333NGC 6341NGC 6342
NGC 6352NGC 6355NGC 6356NGC 6362NGC 6366NGC 6380
NGC 6388NGC 6397NGC 6401NGC 6402NGC 6426NGC 6440
NGC 6441NGC 6453NGC 6496NGC 6517NGC 6522NGC 6528
NGC 6535NGC 6539NGC 6540NGC 6541NGC 6544NGC 6553
NGC 6558NGC 6569NGC 6584NGC 6624NGC 6626NGC 6637
NGC 6638NGC 6642NGC 6652NGC 6656NGC 6681NGC 6712
NGC 6715NGC 6717NGC 6723NGC 6749NGC 6752NGC 6760
NGC 6779NGC 6809NGC 6838NGC 6864NGC 6934NGC 6981
NGC 7006NGC 7078NGC 7089NGC 7099NGC 7492IC 1257
IC 1276IC 2134IC 2140IC 2146IC 2148IC 2161
IC 4499IC 4550IC 4606

In this version of the NGC catalog used by NASA imagery, ngcicproject.org and other sources. The pictures in the places of their original placement referred to as free of licensing restrictions. In case of doubt, please the authors: let me know and they will be removed.

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