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Planetary nebulae from catalog NGC / IC

Catalog NGC (New General Catalogue) includes 7840 galaxies, nebulae and other objects.
John Ludwig Emil Dreyer NGC original catalog was compiled by John Ludwig Emil Dreyer (Johan Ludvig Emil Dreyer) in 1880, based largely on observations by William Herschel. His subsequent expansion, the index directories IC I and IC II, 5326 contain more objects. Now the index directories IC together with the main NGC catalog are usually considered a single directory, but the IC prefix in the names of objects of course saved.

Catalog NGC includes both Messier bright objects which are visible even on a bright sky, such as M31 and M13, and very dull and "small" items.
The NGC catalog includes not only vague objects like galaxies, nebulae and their parts, but the ball and open clusters of stars, as well as closely spaced stars (2x, 3x and other asterism).
In short, in this catalog amateur astronomer find items for every taste and observation capabilities.

Here we have used the refined modern version of this catalog - RNGC with Dr. Site Wolfgang Steinicke, contains 13958 entries.

On the light-polluted skies near the cities of many objects NGC and IC catalogs merge with a bright sky background. In addition, the small telescopes are simply not enough zoom and aperture for observing with the naked eye, most of the objects NGC catalog.
In such conditions it is better to use the "Messier catalog" and "Caldwell catalog", in which selected the brightest and "largest" objects in our sky.

Filters for catalog NGC / IC:
Galaxy:    spiral and elliptical
Clasters:    globular and open
Nebulae:    planetary
Supernova remnants
The stars and groups of stars
The objects NGC and IC such were not found again
Full catalog NGC / IC

List of Planetary nebulae from catalog NGC / IC

NGC 40NGC 246NGC 650NGC 651NGC 1360NGC 1501
NGC 1514NGC 1535NGC 2022NGC 2242NGC 2346NGC 2371
NGC 2372NGC 2392NGC 2438NGC 2440NGC 2452NGC 2610
NGC 2792NGC 2818NGC 2867NGC 2899NGC 3132NGC 3195
NGC 3211NGC 3242NGC 3587NGC 3699NGC 3918NGC 4071
NGC 4361NGC 5189NGC 5307NGC 5315NGC 5844NGC 5873
NGC 5882NGC 5979NGC 6026NGC 6058NGC 6072NGC 6153
NGC 6210NGC 6302NGC 6309NGC 6326NGC 6337NGC 6369
NGC 6439NGC 6445NGC 6537NGC 6543NGC 6563NGC 6565
NGC 6567NGC 6572NGC 6578NGC 6620NGC 6629NGC 6644
NGC 6720NGC 6741NGC 6742NGC 6751NGC 6765NGC 6766
NGC 6772NGC 6778NGC 6781NGC 6785NGC 6790NGC 6803
NGC 6804NGC 6807NGC 6818NGC 6826NGC 6833NGC 6842
NGC 6852NGC 6853NGC 6879NGC 6881NGC 6884NGC 6886
NGC 6891NGC 6894NGC 6905NGC 7008NGC 7009NGC 7026
NGC 7027NGC 7048NGC 7076NGC 7094NGC 7139NGC 7293
NGC 7354NGC 7662IC 1108IC 1266IC 1295IC 1297
IC 1454IC 1747IC 2003IC 2149IC 2165IC 2448
IC 2501IC 2553IC 2621IC 289IC 351IC 3568
IC 418IC 4191IC 4274IC 4406IC 4593IC 4599
IC 4634IC 4637IC 4642IC 4663IC 4670IC 4673
IC 4677IC 4699IC 4732IC 4776IC 4846IC 4997
IC 5117IC 5148IC 5150IC 5217IC 972

In this version of the NGC catalog used by NASA imagery, ngcicproject.org and other sources. The pictures in the places of their original placement referred to as free of licensing restrictions. In case of doubt, please the authors: let me know and they will be removed.

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