Moon phase now

Moon phase now, 21 may 2019 , the age of the Moon, the distance from the Earth to the Moon and other information about it. All data on the moon phase are calculated at the current time. Here you can see how the moon will look tonight, day or night.
The main phases of the moon are also calculated for the current and next lunar month.

The definition of the moon phases and the knowledge of the lunar cycles, it is important for example for amateur astronomers - on a full moon it is inconvenient to observe the objects of space due to strong illumination from the moon. Knowledge of the phases of the moon is also useful for astrologers, and for fishermen - the Moon affects the activity of fish.
The influence of the moon phases on living organisms is still poorly understood, but it definitely exists. At least, a cyclic change in the movement of juices inside plants as the lunar phases change.

Moon phase now

21 may 2019 16:49:37 GMT

18th lunar day
Waning Gibbous
Waning Moon
18th lunar day
Phase of lunar month  0.59546995
Illuminated area  91.27 %
Age of the Moon  17 days 14 hours 2 min.
Distance from
the center of the Earth
  394693.77 km.
Angle diameter from
the center of the Earth
  0.50459 °

GMT - Grinvich Mean Time.

Moon phases of the current lunar month

The main moon phases of the current lunar month are the new moon, the first quarter, the full moon, and the third quarter. The duration of the lunar month is 29.53059 days, so its borders slowly shift and do not coincide with the boundaries of calendar months.

New MoonNew Moon 4 may 20194 may 2019
First QuarterFirst Quarter 12 may 201912 may 2019
Full MoonFull Moon 18 may 201918 may 2019
Third QuarterThird Quarter 26 may 201926 may 2019

Moon phases of the next lunar month

Next New MoonNew Moon3 june 2019
Next First QuarterFirst Quarter10 june 2019
Next Full MoonFull Moon17 june 2019
Next Third QuarterThird Quarter25 june 2019

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